Donald Alan Schön (1930-1997) was an influential thinker in developing the theory and practice of reflective professional learning in the twentieth century.


American and influenced by Dewey.

Schön’s seminal 1983 book, The Reflective Practitioner – technical knowledge over artestry (link to pedagogoy being about science, art and craft A.Pollen).

through a feedback loop of experience, learning and practice, we can continually improve our work’

Module Task 13

Thought I’d capture my thoughts on the how the mentor meeting went this May. In the past I have left Andy and Alan to run this session – so it was the first time I engaged with the content.

The session was aimed around getting the mentors to moderate across the schools (slightly false as they weren’t going to watch students teach – just compare their observations and interim reports. At first the session got dominated by mentors that had issues with tie trainees. On reflection – you can see that the mentors who are having issues nearly always attend (as they want a forum to moan – but you could also see its cause their often stumbling (not had a trainee like this before) and want some support). By getting the mentors to identify what level of student they had and then resetting them with comparative trainees – this was really good for letting the mentors with strong trainees escape from the moaners.

The mentors gave very positive feedback about sharing ideas with other mentors and having the time to discuss the different levels. issues that were raised discussed inconsistency in trainees having the opportunity to trial theri own scheme of work. and that assessment comes at th end of the practice.

Need to consider further how to support mentors with improvmnt lanning. Paul pointed the use of the TDA guidance booklet on meeting the dstandards which is also avaialble as a website.

CFBT Cross Curriculum Training Event

 I attended the West Midlands training event for cross curriculum planning with PE, A&D, citizenship and geography. The event was hosted by the 5 strands curriculum advisers. Sue Wood head was there for D&T (standing in for Andy Mitchell). They started off with an update on the new curriculum and overview of changes – coming and present. We were asked to share experiences of the new curriculum – either cross curricular days or innovative curriculum planning. One school on the table had gone to a thematic Year 7 timetable involving all the humanities subjects and PSHE/Citizenship. Attention was drawn to the concepts and processes for each curriculum area so delegates could get an overview of how subjects might link together. There is no statutory requirement to deliver cross-curricular learning experiences although supported by the NC .


Motivation/Learning experiences

Better Behaviour

Improved standards

(a model for curriculum planning?)

APP – close up (day to day), Standing Back (periodic) Public View (transitional KS3-4 etc). nsead – has a website with a good article called ‘usess and abuses of assessemnt’

Pont of note: CFBT resources to disappear at the end of the month when funding finishes.